Prime Engineered Wood Products, Inc.

Prime Engineered Wood Products, Inc., (Prime Columns) is a customer driven company dedicated 100% to manufacturing wood columns. We have over 50 years combined expertise in development and production of Engineered wood products.

Laminated columns by Prime Columns provide exceptional value for porch columns, deck posts or any other application where a structural post or timber may be desired. These products have been developed to provide a structural wood column option that is much stronger than traditional solid sawn timbers without the natural splitting, twisting and movement experienced with a solid timber. Prime Columns are pressure treated to .23 pounds per cubic foot using a micronized copper azole  wood preservative. The .23 retention is recommended by the ESR-2240 ICC Evaluation Report as the retention for "Critical Structures" and is a much higher treatment level than typical pressure treated products. Additionally, the treated wood is Kiln Dried after treatment to provide stability, durability and an aesthetically handsome structural wood column option.